Follow the leader!

Photo credit by Kim Jan Hul (spelled that completely incorrect)

Follow the leader, leader!
who is not that fat crazy bastard is me the renegade craftsman
Follow the leader, leader!
up my holy ladder for me to show you what really is the matter
holding, your hand you´ll jump the scam of being in
an emotional scrutiny meter, be free of your inhibitions
walk out into the street, throw a banana at the first person you see
and let it be,so
Follow the leader, leader!
Follow……done with this follow just gonna eat a waffle.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Is not silly! I tried to be the leader of humanity and failed at line 7 I think, what a dissapointment my ❤ has become now even more colder as I see that humanity is not perfect, I´m disilusioned with humanity, I feel betrayed by humans!!!!! Now I´m going to go to sleep and never wake up

      1. Cheer up woman! Life is too short to be always…never mind, do what you do and see what you see and think what you think so we can drink while doing a duel duet said my friend Net.

      2. I know that, I told you I didn´t know how to put cool figures letters and doing art type of thing in the computer so I chose to do the other one. I´m free, plus if you noticed I am promoting you. So your welcome for that, even if you didn´t appreciate it.

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