Anybody seen this?

Foto 366

Just like that in a bliss, yesterday night
it went into some abyss.
I have a certain idea where it could be
so today is time to walk that lane of
bars! Yes Mrs. and Miss´s, lost in some
freaking bar, hopefully they kept it in
a cookie jar. Didn´t drink alcohol though
so that for me was quite a show, but I
freaking left it somewhere or anywhere.
You might think is a shitty cell phone…
which it is, but is my shitty cell phone
so I can hear people spouting and shouting
nothing of creative writing. Where the hell
did I lost this one, and I´m sure it wasn´t
while staying with a nun.
Anybody seen this?

Stay Frosty gents and getesses.



      1. Don´t know about stalking either,she seemed to jump on my arms…..but actually the “stalking your pray” saying I might use it to write a deep, thoughtful poem

      2. I bet they all jump in your arms.
        I’ll look forward to the poem then. I’m going to bed now. It must be early for you.

      3. I´m not, later on today I have to make the freaking rounds around certain bars where it could be, I should videotape myself doing this. I will call this adventure “Sherlock “the Charly” Holmes

      1. 🙂 haha amazing what you you can fit inside a ‘well used loose fitting’ pussy?

        (Btw they take the **** out of me at work cause I’ve the oldest Nokia mobile there is, a true museum piece! It makes a call sends a text fuck 😀 ‘swiping’ WiFi and Blue Tooth! Seriously I can’t be ass’d

      2. Have you seen my piece of work?(the phone) That is a true relick, good news is that nobody wants to steal that thing, so I have my hopes up that it will be in one bar or the other

      3. No I haven’t I’d like to read though, funniest thing inspiration, I fret what to write about next but YES I might write about mine.

      4. P.S. Ty for ‘liking’ the post, appreciated man, I love writing but not as popular as most, WHICH IS fine goes back to what you were saying bout being grateful in life………. that was a good reminder btw. (Lovely tits 😉 Mrs ‘S’)

      5. I can´t always comment on everything I read, if not I would spend the whole day in front of the computer, but I do read quite quickly, thank you for wordpress that is, I´ve learned to pick up here and there things that gives me the big picture of the story and then move on to the next blog, you guys are too many to keep up in one day, although I would like to look more in depth, just the day has 24 hours.

    1. I´ve lost count of how many times I´ve lost my cell phones, that´s why I carry around that piece of crap. Good news, since they know me around that town, from the owner of the bars, to bartenders to basically everyone, in this case I was in good terms with that bar so I called my phone, I recognised the voice he recognised me and told me I could come over whenever I could, no worries he would have it there.
      Thank you for the reminder of me loosing the cell phone, you´re probably the 100th person that has reminded me of that. But the truth is that I do it on purpose, to see if people are good and instead of stealing it and sell it they are humanitarians and give it back. It´s just reverse psychology that´s all.

    1. That´s the thing, I didn´t buy it. And certainly there was no Brady Bunch around that place. Although after loosing pretty nice cell phones this one has lasted quite a bit, it´s almost like my son. I call him “Nicky”. You can throw it in the floor, at a person, just built like a brink this thing.But no wassap, internet, no nothing. Just to text and call and receive calls. More tan I need really.

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