Sherlock “the Charly” Holmes

Foto 372

So here I am
Ready to hit the mean streets of New Orleans
well, just some small town village in Spain
still, the mision is of great gain
I have to go from bar to bar
seeking my phone, not a car

But I already found this!Foto 374
And also this Foto 373
But you little humans
who don´t have my brains
you´re locked in chains
the two picture look the same
or you see a little subtle
thing….?whoever sees it I´ll give you back the space shuttle

So now, is my time to put all my knowledge
that I never had in college
to find my cell phone
and we shall, since Sherlock ” The Charly” Holmes
is going in search of all the village homes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Hey I liked Waldy the Wald, that cool red and white shirt intermingled with a bunch of creatures and people, i was a great Waldo finder and I found my crappy phone so misision accomplished and having done Waldo he was of help, don´t put him down

      1. Well, actually you did get that right. It was exactly after the first bar I exited, 20 meters up and there it was. Good thing they know be on one hand on the other…..

    1. I was in my mansion at the time I took my selfies, hey, you know who was the first person who took a selfie? Aldrin, you know the American austronaut when he did his first space walk( before he walked on the moon) in space. He´s not only one of the pioneers in Space but the Pioneer in Selfie´s world too. You should teach that to this new generation of addicted to internet social media kids you teach. Which I have no idea how you do it without either thinking of suicide or homicide, don´t they drive you nuts. I remember I as a youngster being quite famous for driving the teachers nuts. But even if I was mischievous I don´t know why they did have a Little place in their heart for me, go figure that one out.

  1. Give menace my space shuttle! I know the diff er ence!
    Is it yoghurt?
    Oh, why do even ask?! Of course it is. Shuttle time!

  2. I know how to mix a an egg with a slice of bean curd cake! Will that do?
    If no, then not to worry, I don’t like space anyway. It’s toooooooo flat.

  3. Hola guapo….Que tengas un buena tarde o noche o manana…depende cuando leer esto.
    Eres muy guapo y un pocito loco. Un abrazo de mi.

  4. Reblogged this on From Midnight to Dawnlight and commented:
    Charly’s wit, unique perspective, and fun personality shines through in all he writes. In some ways I compare him to Vinnie van Goph. He is talented, educated by life, and I’m happy to have him in my library…However, I might be a little nervous if he were sitting in my living room 😉 I especially appreciated this post because it showcases his crazy creative mind. I hope you enjoy it and visit his blog. How’s that Charly?

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