1. Brilliant Haiku. The images created are futuristic. I love it – jk 🙂

    One thing I should mention. I don’t monitor the Haiku Challenge. That would be at the blog RonovanWrites. You need to PING or leave your LINK in his comment section. I will give you the LINK for his Haiku Start Up post. https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/category/haiku-prompt-challenge/

    This will take you to Ronovan’s blog. It’s fairly self explanatory from there. If you open to the next two words just click on them and you will be taken to the new challenge post. It will explain in detail what you will need to do. It is too late to enter this week but you could post this weeks at the same time as you do Monday’s Challenge.

    I will continue to do the 5 word challenge with the assortment of ways to write the challenge. And on Monday Ronovan does his challenge on the same day but it is for the Haiku with the use of Two Words. Mine is the DOOR. Ronovan presently is a Japanese style bridge on top of the page. If you have any questions just ask. – jk

  2. Hi Charly. Jen, aka secret keeper, told me about your participating with the Haiku prompts this week. Hope you don’t mind I added you to my weekly recap. And I hope you join in with the new prompt that comes out on Monday at 8AM EST. It’s open all week until Noon on the following Sunday. Love the Haiku. Makes me glad I live where I do. 🙂
    Much Respect

    1. Hi Ronovan, I have no problema as you well have noticed before I read this comment I added the haiku to your blog. Now that I know that is you who manages it, I´m more than glad to participate, wich would be this Monday for the new challenge right?

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