Anti-feminism + anti-Communism

Feminism in two thousand sixteen
is the new found word for undercover terrorism
by hijacking individual woman
not letting them be their own spokeswoman
is much better to be protected by this self proclaimed policewoman…
hijacking the word equality
for their distorted reality-
equality amongst men?
i can´t see that wild hen
equality amongst women?
i don´t trust a communist cuban

so here it goes as it flows

Cuba, socialist communist
have something of a feminist,
were people are all bunch up
in a group
for a “greater” good
grouping individuals
making them robotic residuals
not letting them exploit their full potentials

Terrorism feminism
wanting women all in the same group
making me get a napkin and scoop
their holy war against evil men driven society
for their own decomposed reality

Each individual
brings something to the table
regardless of gender
if they can´t do it they should surrender
some can brin a Clark Gable
others a jumper cable

The true treasure
that we should measure
is individuality
which truly is the ultimate form of fair share equality.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I think this was a well thought out and what I believe is true, “phylosophical-political-poem” managed to tie those two subjects in one.
      And later on I´ll probably write about a donkey that talks Hebrew

      1. Poetry is beautiful in that way; in the way in which it speaks a thought held personally, yet urges others to explore their depths of a thing – without ever missing a beat. (Pun intended, of course.)
        Well done here.

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