I got interviewed

So this is pretty nice, my first interview in my life after I send that poem.
All here if you want to check it out:



    1. hey! thank you. To tell the truth I was and am pretty happy. I know this is small I guess compared to real writers, but for me it was quite cool. Never in my life have been asked for an interview let alone for something that I´m truly appasoinite. (sorry for the spell check, don´t have it, the freaking computer is configured in Spanish)

      1. You should be happy and proud. It’s a really great thing! We can tell you’re passionate and that makes people want to read your words and find out more about you. Well done! 😊

      2. Thanks, it came quite of a surprise really. I didn´t even remember having send that poem, so when I got the notification through email I actually thought they were mistaken.

    1. The least I want is a spot light moment, believe me. But it is rewarding what can you say, spceially for a “writer” like me, which you don´t know me (better that way) and I do thank you for taking the time and read it.

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