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“Come on! Faster faster!” The teacher screamed at the young man.
His parents said he was gifted with the piano, he had been playing since he was four.
But deep inside he felt there was something missing. The teacher, and uptight old
english woman taken out of the Victoria era kept screaming at him to go faster, that
him Mozart could do it.

Suddenly he started singing to her surprise.

“I crack a bottle! going wallow wallow, ladies in my Tahoe, too many condoms and
I don´t know where they come from.”

Two years later, he was know around the world as Eminem.

107 words. Damn! 7 words more.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You might start something or they make you start something when being a young man and you´re good at it, but as you grow you grow into yourself and discover what really is your passion and run with it regardless of the odds against you. Basically what it comes down to those 107 words. But in a funny style, wich I have a lot of difficulty trying to get out of into something more serious.

    1. I have trouble writing seriously, I really do. I actually have to force myself to do so. This nutty things comes natural to me. Plus I have fun. Something seriously wrong going on in my two neurons….

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