Graffiti girl

I saw you with your back towards me at first,
so focus, so intense, on your universe-
For me it didn´t make much sense staring at the great white wall,
it was for me an act of small-
My brain was immersed observing your blond hair,
that beautiful, captivating aura you spelled in the air-
You managed to get an empty white wall
and turn my heart, less frigid, and about to be a dolly doll-
Love you for that and we will always have that much.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I got to get a bit crazy don´t I? Probably tomorrow might write some nutty thing.
        By the way yesterday I saw a documentary called “life itself” about the film critique Roger Ebert. Don´t know if you´ve seen it, but it was quite intersting. Maybe you become the next Ebert.

      2. It was fascinating to watch Ebert and the other guy (forgot his name) doing that t.v show, going after each other, the knowledge of filmaking, and then the bondship they eventually had but rarely showed, the passion for movies man. That´s a quality I like about humans. Passion. Whatever that passion it is, if I see it, read it, hear it, then it gets my attention.
        Healthy passion that is, I don´t want to sit there and hear a serial killer how passionate he´s about choppin off heads.

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