prompt by

I can hear, thank goodness dear Miss. Sunshine
you singing to me while sipping on my wine
after we dine, so the prompt is what music makes me feel
well right know I fill sort of sick, that´s mecasuse my roommate
is listening to the unforgiving Elton John.

Hold on, I just put on Eminem.

Guess who´s back
scratching his back
while inhaling crack
i just snapped
out of that world that thought it got me trapped
no ho!
ho world, i was revered in the underworld
fighting while shifting
punching while testing
survival in jungle street shit
so if you got the drift
you might think a bit swift
and see the correlation of this rapper
with this writer

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. 10 p.m here, going to eat dinner (I know for you guys is way late, not here) while I ponder…..nothing really, but you are sweet.
        Good night from the land of the wild Bulls.

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