The village

Prompt by

Near the beach in Sicily laid a village. Old italian houses raised no more than three
stories high, made of brown brick walls, walls that had ears. Sunshine encompassed the
village that day, the sun was up and there were no clouds to be seen. Tourist walked the
alleys taking in the aroma of the traditional italian pizzas being made in the ovens.
Happy faces everywhere, italian people shouting out of the top of their longs for the tourists to
pass by their shops. The italians where great sellers, the tourist flocked their shops, never mind
the beach which was now soaked in red water, body parts floating about and he was
there waiting. The walls had told him all that he needed to know. He was eating a leg of a female,
chewing her toenails while the water splashed against his bloodied face. It was his village,
and he was tired of the tourist. He would make them pay. He now waited patiently for the next

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. No since there where quite a few blonds I hit around with, by the way I just finished you prompt and just posted it. Going to go to comments section and post it there.
        Now you can keep on, did she have bue or dark eyes?

      2. Just tipsy,not completely out of it. So no, it was Michealangelo. I´ll take that thought to my grave.
        Gotta run, time to eat here, almos 3 p.m and time to eat a…. hen!

      3. You couldn´t believ how quick those hens were, but once you catch them….hummm, in my famiy we are quite rural so is just cut head off and start eating, the feathers sometimes get in the way, but you get use to it. I´ll invite you one day

      4. Hahahaha oh that should be fun! Watching me faint and driving me to the hospital…quiet the dinner! I’ll have my set of hospital stories to tell then 😉 Did I mention I am a vegetarian xD

      5. No but I guessed, and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are doing a disservice to humanity. Can you imagine everybody was a vegetarian? There would be an overpopulation of meat living creatures and they would die by their own hand in violent manners, or they would starve since you would have also eaten their other source of protein like plants and grass and srawberries, and potatoes, and……what a sad diet you have. How come you are not depressed? That´s my question.
        A nice steak or hamburger is, glooooory! Halleluya.

      6. Wow you guessed it? Hahahaha Oh yeah cause killing a living thing just cause you want to eat whatever is inside them is not violent at all . If by over population you mean proper number of them and not having animals going extinct every year…then yup I am totally doing a disgrace to humanity. Yup they die by natural means…how about cannibals keep eating your mates or family just cause you taste good when fried? Like dude…no!!I should ask you! How are you not depressed? Doesn’t the guilt of killing something living with a family let you sleep? As their blood is dripping down your hands! And their heart isn’t beating just because of you ! Well I am not telling you to turn a veggie so don’t tell me to turn a non veggie either. I honestly just never liked the taste, when I tried it I vomited like 4- 5 times so yeah

      7. Go ahead and tell that to my grandmother(when you get to heaven that is, or you probably end up in hell….) when after the Spanish civil war there was hunger everywhere, she had to fead my mother and her brother. The only thing they had was potatoes, and in that part of the country a lot of cute rabbits and a goat. My grandfather loved to make the Little houses for the rabbits in sort of a jigsaww puzzle so they could go and move from one side to the other, and the beautiful White goat that actually was a pet to my mother gave them milk. She was a great goat that was like a dog to my Young mother and my uncle, went with them wherever they went e.t.c. One day, my mother asked my grandma while eating a gorgeous meal “where did the goat went?” and my mother was incredible happy since she was tired of eating rabbits and this time there was a great amount of meat and tasted very good. My grandma just smiled and said the goat escaped. Well you get what my mother was eating right? Her beloved goat puppy. We still laugh at this once in a while when we talk about her mother of my grandama.

        Or you can tell those African kids that are more skinny than a twig to go veggie. See how well they like that idea.

        You shold be ashamed of yourself, only the rich have that luxury…..

        I had to piss you off with this one 😉

      8. Now did I tell you to go veggie? Or any African to? Oh yeah its such a luxury to be a vegetarian…cause non veg food doesn’t cost more than veg does it now? Oh nope! Not at all. Well why don’t we all kill our pets and eat them…heard human flesh is the tastiest shit there is…lets all eat each other…even our over population, unemployment, money problems will be over. You know non veg is the number one reason for heart diseases! And then there are meat substitutes everywhere now. You can have the same dish without killing animals dude. Yeah you pissed me off right. You should be ashamed of yourself !

      9. Not really ashamed of myself, I will add that eating other humans can be a good idea.
        I will let you eat part of my ear…. I don´t see the use of them really, they just stick out, I can have no ear and till hear.

        Now take a breath, want to do yoga with me today?

  1. Gosh…I may chance it for the pizza, plus the romance of the city and the dangerous mafiosa called The Godfather. But not for no cannibal…he has to go : ) as he is messing with my head already. You have a great way with imagery Charly☆ you may get in trouble with this one frosty…LOL 🙂 .

  2. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a human being or a shark. LOL! Great story Charly – very horror filled! It was a little hard for me to wrap my mind around the guy chewing on toenails. YIKES!

    1. That´s a preety good saying, should have thought about something like that, the story narrated by this travel agent that starts by saying exactly that, and then it unfolds into some guy eating toenails

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