Hunted words

Prompt by:

“Enough is enough”. Those were the last three words that Mike and Matilda Adams
heard from their son five yars ago. They had tried to reason with him about
him being gifted in math, and how having a Math scholarship to Harvard was a
great honour. But their son wouldn´t listen to reason.

Parents never lose hope, but the homicide detectives had lost hope. Mike jr. was
somewhere deep underground rotting away.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, there was a knock on the Adams house. It was a young female
detective. They welcomed her in quite apprehensive. Then the bombshell.

Corporal Smith, had received the medal of honor medal because of actions taken
in a remote mountain in Afghanistan, while firing his machine gun
covering the retreat of his squad to a helicopter, being the last man on the ground.
After running out of ammunition he took out his 45.caliber handgun and charged the enemy
when a strain bullet hit him in the head and he was dead before he hit the ground.
She explained that Smith was the legal last name his son had chosen.

Both parents teared up. “Enough is enough”. Those were words that would hunt them for the
rest of their lifes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesess.


    1. Thanks for reading Joy. He is a “hero” and also the message behind the story is to show your love to the people around you every day if it is possible. Cause you never know when tragedy might struck and you are left with a sense of regret as to why you where so harsh on that person and the harsh words were the last words you said to them. So distilling the message, show love! Again, thanks for the read.

  1. Great writing. I wonder what his parents did that made their son never see them again. He was a hero, but who was their to be proud of him if not his family and people he used to know. Sad he died, that his parents found out about it how they did.

  2. At least his parents got some closure. I can’t imagine not knowing where my kids are in the world… Good piece!

      1. I´m trying to catch up today with all the prompts, was planning to do yours the last one for today, plus Reading as many others….it is work man! But an enjoyable one.

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