Driven crazy by technology

Prompt by :

“See that mom?”The eight year old pointed straight up in the air.

The mother as always was busy with her cellphone and her wassaup, talking with her
girlfriend and some sexually charged conversations with some online people. She love
the freedom that it gave her, her little and often dirty escape from her day to day
life reality of marriage and taking care of her son.

“Mom! Did you see that?”

“What honey?” She still had her eyes glued to her i-phone

“Dad is up in that building.”

“Honey please.”

“Mom!! He is shouting for you to pay attention.”

“Honey I don´t hear anything.”

All around them people had gathered staring up at the pyramid form skyscraper.

One passerby said, “What a wuss this dude, asking his wife for her attention.” All
the guys around giggled and slapped each other in the back.

High above Frank, was in tears. He had tried to make his marriage work, even during
sex she would pick up the phone and text, while at the same time moaning which was even
more incredible to him.

He had enough, he was going to get her attention real good now.

“To heeeeeeelll wiht yoouuu!!!” He shouted as he felt one hundred stories to the floor.

The next day, the mother. Teresa, was called in all the local papers “The most abnoxious
woman in sillicon valley” followed by “married to one of the dumbest in the valley.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Sad, I don’t think in death she noticed him . Too busy texting etc. Too bad her child saw Dad die like that. Great job.

      1. That is not surprising. Next it we won’t be able to fire a person at work for being on the phone, as they will classify it as a protected disability LOL.

      2. That´s a good one, protected disability. And if you keep electing the types you have right now in the oval office, I´m quite sure they will pass that law.

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