Interesting conversation with mom

Sunday Sunday, that time of the week to sit down with my great mother a.k.a Rambo or
also goes by the name Al Capone and have a deep conversation.

This happened this morning when I got here for breakfast.

Out of the blue…” I love John Wayne.”

Me-thinking, where is she going with this this time, finally I say
“He´s old and outdated.”

Her-“He was the true cowboy, riding on his horse, smoking his cigarette,shooting
guns, crossing the prairies with all the snow and sun against him and with all those

Dad chips in, just to make everything more of a normal conversation
” He didn´t even leave the Hollywood studios for that.”

Mom ignores him and looks at me, now my heart beat starts to increase and she says
“What do you think?”

Me- Silent

Her “Would you talk!”

Me- ” There was also gay cowboys.”

Her-“There are no gay cowboys. I have watched those movies since a little girl and they
were not any gay cowboys.”

Me- “How do you know?”

Her- “Because there just weren´t”

Me- “So you have no basis for that argument.”

Her- Slap on my head followed by “I said so, so I said so. Shut up and eat.”

Me- “You are a bit of a dictator, no, Castro?”

Her- “You want to eat lunch today?”

Me- Silent.

Jeeesus, nut job of a family I have. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. It would appear that way, but I still get smaked on the back of the head at age 33….. I can sue her for provocking mental instability on a grown up. Now a days you can sue anybody for anything, or sue her for getting my feelings hurt. But she scared she s..t out of me, so don´t want to mess around with her and her Little mafia she has around

      1. That´s one way to put it, plus I know she reads this so I do it like a little tribute. Then I tell her that “you´re welcome, I´m making you world famous” wich I still get a slap on the back of the head… I said to another commentator I was thinking of suing her for having my feelings hurt. Nowadays you can sue anybody for anything, like those college kids that want to ban free speech because the por rich bastards are offended by some words. I should send my mother to deal with those self entitled idiots.
        Did I go to another cloud……

      2. Yes, she know pretty much whom is whom in the wordpress community. Since she discovered google translator to which she insults by the way, she picks up quite a lot. Plus, except for the crossing of some i and the t on some of my life experiences. She actually was the one who told me she “created a monster and that I was a man whore” go figure the relationship we have.
        She does agree with me that you are very pretty.

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