These countries should evolve. Women treated as slaves, arrange marriages,
what´s with these people. Get a bit more westernize. Or get up to date
on  basic human rights.

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

“Sonia”, age 24, survived an acid attack in Bangladesh after declining the offer of an arranged marriage, Source Narayan Nath/FCO/Department for International Development (CC Attribution 2.0 Generic)

Voice of the Martyrs began reporting some 15 years ago on a growing trend toward acid attacks against women.  One such attack took place in Pakistan against a 17 y.o. Christian girl who had refused the advances of a Muslim man. A striking photo of the girl (“Gulnaz”) showed the left side of her face beautiful, the right side horribly scarred.

But acid attacks are not all religiously motivated.

As with Gulnaz, the overwhelming number of attacks are made on young women who have rejected sexual advances by a male or whose parents have refused an offer of marriage [1].  The purpose of these attacks is to enforce gender inequality, and punish perceived transgressions by women against traditional norms.

More recently, acid…

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  1. That is a great tragedy indeed !
    I heard about 3 accidents like that happened in my country..
    But believe me that has no relation with Islam..
    Social traditions and customs are important for the majority than their religion.
    In the west we hear about violence against women also…
    In every place of the world you can see accidents of violence …it is not related to the east only my friend..

    1. No is not related only to the east, but you can´t compare how women are treated in the west in general to that part of the world. I have been there and seen it. And religion it is tied with customs and traditions in most cases, buy hey, if you love getting an arrange marriage, that´s your traditions and customs, all the best for you. If you are happy. It doesn´t impact me a bit.

      1. Not all people here marry by arranged marriage…
        Some of them know each other at work or at sport clubs or etc…
        Yes arranged marriage is mostly bad ..espicially if a girl is obliged..
        Girls of these days can not be obliged to anything..I mean most of them..

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