The artist

Music and passion
is what I see
as a default human being
true artist
is what i see
the question is can you see?
yes, is the answer
since i do know you are,
a master.

Stay Frosty Gents and Gentesses.



    1. What with you people and shorting the words. what in the wold means ” FFS” , what I think is that people are too lazy now to only type a whole Word……….. 🙂 hold on, crazy yellow face going towards ya

      1. No, you should have said…..sorry, you actually have had to say ” Hell TO SPAIN”…. and I will tell you why if you ask, or don´t ask, so here we go —-not to reléase pain then you are not from Spain

      1. i´m going to sleep now, so you might put a song up on your blog and without naming names you can sing “chaaarlie” plus if you´re going to be the next “hit”, might as well be pals with you.

      2. I´ll take adorable, would prefer something else since adorable is what you call a pet or a kid (hope you don´t want to pat me in the back), but I´ll take it anyways…..

      1. Not cool, did I wrtie that or was it the other person…. and actually you do. They say NASA did one of those, not kidding.. Cost a bunch and half, so you´re lucky. Although I can always throw you to the floor and me sleep in that cool bed all for myself, stretch like an eagle

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