Where is Gorgie Mr. Napoleon?

Prompt by https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/29-january-2016/

Historical fiction under 100 words

“Get your man up there!!” Napoleon shouted to his Lieutenant.

“Where?” The Lieutenant asked a bit confused.

“On the Chateu de Sable!” Napoleon´s voice barely audible under the heavy
barrage of gunfire.

“It´s the Chateu.” The Liutenant said with his eyes watering.


“My grandmother lives there.”

“Take her out, now, and stop crying like a little woman.. You pissan!”

The Liutenant went inside and moments later came out, he dropped to his knees
and said. “He is gone.”

“He?” Napoleon said with a confused face.

“Yes, Gorgie, my granmothers dog is gone.”

They lost that battle that day, and the Liutenant was hanged for “idiotocracy.”

110 words…come on

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Amy, you are not well verse in history,if you dig deep down this is what historians don´t put in history books…..I should actually write a history book probably would get more engage students in that subject 😉

      Thank you for Reading and commenting

      1. Yep, a five foot small dude with mean ass temper, plus a good military tactician also. But he was a Little guy. And that it is true history, look it up if you want.

  1. ohhh charlie! I don’t know what to do first, laugh or cry.. can you make this more simple? mmmm maybe you can use 50 words next time 😀

      1. lol, well, you and the rest of us 😀 according to the proverb. now, tell me which one you want me to grade.

      2. Seems God has pulled a fast one on me, and to your other comment of the post perspective….hell I was talking about that one! But since I´m commenting on this Napoleón thing I forgot all about the rest of our conversation in the other post, it´s 7 a.m, my two neurons are on standby still and…. is not my fault. Plus years of abussing neurons does take it´s toll, again not my fault

      3. nope, it is the fault of neurons for not wanting to multiply in the early morning 😀

      4. that is why you should always keep sunblock and your fancy shades with you all the time 😀

      5. I knew you found me sexy on those, and they where not even mine. The first ones at hand to do that stupid “montage”, even without my real cool sunglasses I´m sexy….aaaaa, the things one has to endure for being S E X Y

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