Hit the road Jack!

Hey Jack!
lets go get smacked
lets call collect
to a fierce duet
Hit the road Jack!
what a couple of days of posting
and hosting flash fiction prompts
now I have my own songs
called “screwed up sandals”
my feet hurt, from staying in bed
bed of in house
so out house
gonna find a mouse, today
yep, sap, snap!!!
here dear, dear don´t smear
cause Jack is about to get you by the rear.
Hit the road Jack!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. o.k, you love strange, I´ll tell you strange, that poem was about the last thing i posted in this blog to say that i´m out, going out, so right now i just came back to “home” so you might even read the last post I just posted, read it, reeeeed it!!!!!!! ahhfkdfksk 😉

    1. This was long time ago, but I doubt it. I get quite alot of inspiration from hearing music, so it probably came from some song I was listening and then I write as quickly as posible in WordPress. But I do remember Reading my old pal Jack when I was in San Francisco and being in the places he had been too, quite nasty by the way.

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