The ninja

Prompt by

Story starting with the words “The last time, everything fit in three duffles…”
under 200 words.

“The last time everything fit in three duffle bags we didn´t get much.”

“You´re an idiot.” His partner said


“Look at you, is day light and you are all dressed in black, looking like a ninja,
except they can see you much better now!”

The other one gave him the middle finger.

“Hurry, I see a lady coming.” His partner said while he grabbed two duffel bags
and the `grabber´ as he called his friend filled the last remaining one with watches,
i pads, i phones, anything of value.

“What are you doing?!!” An old lady exclaimed from the lobby at seeing a man dressed in

Suddenly his partner appeared with a glowing smile, “Hello, how are you doing Mrs. I´m
Jack, the hotel manager. And this over here.” He pointed at his partner, “is Manuel the

“Ninja?” The woman said bewildered.

“Yes mam, the hotel president thought it would be fun to put on this show and have later on
a game to see if people can remember what they brought. It´s also a lesson for the toursit.
It will all be guarded under key in the downstairs vault.”
Having said that, both men walked away.

“So stupid ninja right?”

His partner smiled.

Stay Frosty gents and getesses.


  1. This is good charly. It is funny how he is dressed in black to rob a hotel in daylight. Lucky is friend saved the day. I’m sure those who were robbed will learn their lesson.

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