True Romantic quote

This is an interesting challenge by

Good thing the challenge is explained in the link. I know ladies,
I´m your Romeo and if you want me to serenade you….just ask.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Yuk! Call this a valentine… single are you? Charly I hope your singing voice is better than this. Right seranade away… still waiting… clearly your clearing your throat so I will pop by later, once you Wash your hand.

    1. Washing my hands
      thinking of your beautiful wet lands…
      love is in the air
      where you will yell in despair…..
      love is in ..
      nasty pasty ! That´s how you like it
      you saussy rusty! 😉
      No, I´m not single. I have been married to the same woman which has hairs under her armpits for over 30 years.

      1. 😉 Happy Sunday.
        Although I am single as of right now, and probably to eternity but hey, who said humour was bad. Although it depends on the who´s on the other side of my humour, but normally is well received.

      2. Charly I hope she didn’t leave on my account! It was only an hour ago you said you were married 😨😱😲 if I didn’t have a sense of humour I wouldn’t reply. 😇 you should try stand up, funny man.

      3. I think I´m funny, but the thing is that is only me who thinks it is funny wich I am mor than “glady”, don´t want to see the other Charly´s face, trust me.
        So, I know I am a funny man, or kid,or skid or rapid or…..forgot it.
        Tell you, Charly does a pretty dark side, and it is somewhat open to the public in the blog, say again “somewhat”, people do not know what true violence is. Not saying to you by they way, just telling what I have lived.
        Love ya, don´t be scared by the way, just in case, did live another life that civilians wouldn´t understand and when I was a civilian I still did some things of not being proud off.
        Having said this, now you would not recognize me as when I was 19-25 years old….maybe a bit more, but not the same for sure

      4. We all grow and change, we all have things we try to forget with tongue in cheek we bluff our way. But one day you see who you really are and grow. So you never know. Further more don’t presume your bad is worse than the one someone else has endured. Good night Charly.

      5. Really? you really giving me this thing about knowing who I am and knowing what I am and knowing what…. I done, trust me Mrs. I know who the fuck I am and what I´v e done

    1. You can use that one as a good pick up line. Who knows, it might work. You never know until you try. And trust me I´ve tried worst tan this one, and one time it worked!!! Granted there was a failure of 9 but hey, if you persist you get a 1/10 so you basically have a 1% if you try.

      1. Vinnieh my man, I even like you without knowing you, but devils…. i think i did too much of that. But I could go on for some rounds though, (if what I think this girl, soon to be my girlfriend, well if it works out) and if that shit in parenthesis doesn´t work out, hell, I´ll take you to a good damn party

    1. I can do some mean lasagna, but I do like singing in the bathroom while showering. I don´t know why all the girls I´ve been with find this horroifying, it´s quite cathardic for me, should be for them too

      1. People I guess are complicated, if you mean by dork,like a dummy, then you are correct but at the same time i have that other side wich on ocassions i can and will save life´s and also i can take lifes. That is me. Try to understand me, and is a great…. ?

      1. You think I´m bad, gonna post right now cause i´m pissed off and this is a good outlet to not go and do some crazy shit, so here is what i m gonna post, crazy? take that thing to the next level.

        That was my unit, there I was

      2. Was that a training video? You did a hard job, Charly, and I admire that. And for the record, I don’t think you’re bad. You are sweet and smart, with a good heart. (hey, that rhymed!) 🙂

  2. Isn’t it heartening how SO many ladies enjoyed ‘Roses are red………..’ just shows their sense of humour is no different to a guys!

    1. No is not, probably worst when they are in a group talking about the size of the “thing” and how they like to do this and that. Actually it is kind of worst, but as the saying goes “Be a lady in the kitchen and a slut in the bedroom”

      1. LOL that’s middle aged housewives! But we love them, you’re a very popular blogger 🙂

      2. I take that back unreservedly and must apologise. I was making dinner and confused myself (will horny suffice)

      3. Cool with me, hope you have an apron on. You know that cooking naked with your “thing” exposed….well, hope it doesn´t land on the frying pan

      4. 😀 I changed the photo, like you said shouldn’t have shown me nuts, they break Guidelines and I’d hate to be closed down.

      5. I totally agree, I get a bit over excited and carried away, I know Emma wasn’t impressed and quite rightly!

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