Charlie the duck

Prompt by :

“Hey! Where you going?” The little bastard didn´t respond.

“Charlie! Come back here with your siblings.” Her beak was starting to turn red.

Meanwhile Charlie was heading for the brown brush, he knew something was up there.
Suddenly he was grabbed by the neck and engulfed in a big human hand.

“I got you, ha, you little…..” Before the kid could finish the sentence Charlie
took a bite at his eye. The kid went back to his house crying, and without an eyeball.

“Charlie! What have you done?” His mother cried out and all his siblings looked at him
in dismay.

Charlie just shrugged and said, “That kid ate my friend Jonas the other day, I just wanted
to know how he tasted.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. The man of the day, you kidding me? Plus another interesting conversation with a fuck head that got me now aggravated, the idiot bashing soldiers and calling them murderers, í would love to meet these idiots in person. Then lets see, how much they talk.

      2. Guess what!! I’ll be right along beside you! That’s one of my strong convictions!! We will run this MOTHERDUCKING WORLD!!
        See what I did to the word mother fucking ! lol. I’m so funny sometimes! 😉

      3. That just makes me sad. They don’t understand sometimes the need to fight for your friend (other countries). Or the need to fight for those less fortunate. If you expect friends (other countries) to back you, you need to back them. One country can’t protect them-self in a this fucked up world. They need to band together for the greater good. I’ve learned life isn’t fair. Some of us are going to die. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. Charly, I respect you and admire you. I thank you for your service. ❤️

      4. I had fun, you do see the tipical bullies but hiding behidn the computer. Trust me on this, and this one is not a priest, …………… I do have this person in fornt and I doubt that he would be that person that likes to heart,, I take him and his hippy Pals out. and that is no bull to thesssssiat, what the hell, i´m still laughing of that or forgot abou it better said.

  1. Bahaha! Gross but so funny at the sametime. The Kid will never go near ducks again now that he’ll have a glass eyeball all his life.

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