I´m a live!!!

Ladies and gentleman, sorry for not reading you or answering to
your comments. I´m what you can say in a real bind, but it was my
fault. The alcohol got the best of me, yet again, so I screwed up real
good, hurt the people I love and now I´m fucked. Anyways I only
have one hour to use the computer. I´ll try to catch up with you all
but I did write my little poetry.

Because you are mine

You got your own way
To keep me close by

I keep hold of my eyes
So I can see your sights

You got a way
To keep me inside

To be my hold watch
So I can not scratch

Because you are mine
I can walk the line.

Again, hope to read all you again as soon as possible. The story is too long
and complicated and as I said I only have one hour at the computer.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. And I really appreciate you people.



  1. Hey Charly, Glad you’re back and I hope you’ll get over and through this soon (I KNOW you will). Don’t worry about reading my stuff. Sometimes, catching up after being away is just a pain in the arse and it won’t hurt my feelings if you just want to start fresh. Just be around when you can and I’ll be happy you are. Take care my friend.

      1. You don’t have to worry about trying to catch up. Do what makes you happy. I’ll be thinking about you. Take care.

      1. Haha, I think I am very alike your mother 😉 How is she doing these days, by the way? How are you? Need more prayers? Watch for them coming with the North-West wind 🙂

      2. Ask her, I don´t speak with her that´s the sad thing. But I did messed up real good so no wonder she cut me off.
        And prayers for you too……. by the way, now you got me looking all over where the wind is comming

      3. You love your mother, it is no good for you not to talk with her. Go and give her a hug and a kiss- I bet she will be in shock, but happy in her heart 🙂 Thank you for your prayers, I need them.

      1. Don’t get too close to that SoZ dude son. He’s a good-lookin’ sonofabitch, and if you aint careful, he’ll lure your Spanish ass into a twilight world of booze, drugs and pussy…just like he did with my wife. Now, I have to take the bins out and clean the toilet alone!

  2. I don’t know if you remember this, but I once asked you. Why are you constantly trying to kill yourself? You tried in the war, then with sex and fights and then alcohol…
    I learned something the last weeks, behave as the person you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like it when you start. You will feel like it. And find that demon inside and shot it down…it’s hiding somewhere…and you are a good shoter, don’t aim at yoursel this time.,,,
    It’s not the right target….

      1. It was no lecture, it was my opinion. And someone has to be frank like you’ve been to me when I screewed things up in the past. You never gaved me suger words. But I respect your wish. Do take care.Love you too.

      1. Why means I´m using a piece of shit of computer in an internet caffe, goes slow, has a shitty windows 1, a shitty porgram and that is the why. Got it now?

  3. sorry charlie! sending you big hugs and remember that relapse is a part of successful recovery. stay strong – do the best you can and NEVER GIVE UP! Never stop trying! love you so much and also saying a prayer for you right now.

    1. Thank your Yvette, I got myself in a real bind. Really appreciate the comment, hope to read you guys more but I have little time with the computer, but I´ll catch up.

      1. Well don’t worry about catching up with blog / just email about the book – ok? And stay strong and pull up your bootstraps and start again! You are “up until you win” – something my mom always says – and things are subject to change – be encouraged and dig deep to balance things out – you CAN do this CP1 – and praying for you—-❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Thank you for the email, I´ll try to find it somewhere in the sea of post that enter my inbox, but have little time on the computer and I´m actually bouncing from house to house trying to find a room for myself with internet. Right now I´m at an internet caffe that has a computer from the year 1800 and it runs damn slow with a piece of crap of programs

      3. Well there was nothing in the email except to say “contact me” because I thought I lost emails from u! So I just want to finish talking about your book draft – which might be the last thing on your mind right now – so when you get more settled.
        And sorry for this bumpy patch – hang in there and never give up! I know it is Garda d so I am not minimizing that – but take it one day at a time! One hour at a time. You can do all things with Christ who gives u strength! God says come to him if you are weary – heavy laden – torn down – and he will give you rest and comfort and peace for your soul – he has a peace that passes understanding and it is s life changing gift no matter what the baggage of situation! Just a reminder cos i know u know this sir spaniard. I know it has been a bumpy road- but good things are in store!

      4. I know and I gathered that- i prayed for you on and off all morning and pray now that God will make a way for you and open doors and that things would fall into line – and prayed that help would come fast (in Jesus name) and that you stay safe and protected – and no weapon formed against you will prosper – and Charlie – you know God is in the miracle working business still and sometimes he can give us a miracle – or he just provides when it seems like all was lost and he makes the corked way straight! So I pray that laborers will be there to assist u and that God will make a way – I will touch base later – but God will make a way – 💕

      5. God seemed he found me, just moving tomorrow to a calm place with no criminals around and that lifestyle for only 130$ the room a month, so no more criminals nor hookers around. Nice people there, probably the only criminal there is me really to be fair. But we won´t screw this one up, so help me God.
        Thank you for all your prayers

    1. I don´t know why I didn´t see these comments, it went to the “pending” comments wich I rarely check.
      Same here, I still keep Reading you, although now with all these people following me it´s actually quite
      a bit of workload to try to keep with as many people as I can. Glad you stayed connected, you where one of
      the first people to give me encouragement and that is always very appreciated.
      Stay Frosty sir.

      1. you writing me makes my day better,
        forgot to tell you I suffer from OFD ( or Obesseive Flirting Disorder)
        so lets get to the deal, what do you want me to cook for you?

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