Bouning around rant!!

Here and there
I don´t find a place to stay
Some days in this place some in others
Which you can´t say it´s a very steady situation
But I did create this nation
Pisses me off
I want to knock you out
But first I have to scout
The whole day walking around
Listening to the traffic sound
I find a shitty internet caffe to write around
Stay in the 1800´s computer until the hour meter
Goes to my peter, and shame in my wallet
Read books? No time
Read blogs? No time
Write in peace? No time
Anybody can lend me a dime?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. It actually is starting Staci, appreciate your comment. It´s starting tomorrow!! So I´ll start catching up with all you bloggers, start stalking you again…..

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