Feeling alive

I can start to feel
All those emotions heal
Hoping they keep on
So I better be strong
Alcohol has been my demise
Now I´m starting to feel more wise
It feels good to be,
sober, looking at three bottles of beer
which i have decided to not go to that weird
and that is hard, always be on guard.
It feels good to be,
in a nice place
not a perfect one
but one i can protect me, the son
from falling into that bottle,
I hope to God I don´t screw this battle.
It feels good to be feeling alive
so i can go back again and strive
and be again the guy that some
would go with to hell and back to take a dive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Glad you are staying strong. Thank you for sharing too, as this is great encouragement for me and others in general. Who may have their own stuggles, though it may be different from your own…but we are still trying to work it through. All the best and Peace to you****

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