My legacy

what would be my legacy?
i was in the infantry
so if i leave a legacy
it would be quite some ecstasy,
the other day, or it was some day
the guy that said that difference of opinions
were welcome, seemed if you didn´t agree with him
he started to get hard in the rectum,
little bitch talking trash about soldiers
hiding behind a computer, wish to meet him
cause nobody will tell me that to my face
without some blood that leaves him a little trace,
so my legacy….. i think it will be the military
kind of scary, or also now that i think about it
it can be leaving my family content.
That will be my legacy, my family.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Once I get back to my place on Monday I send you an email, take all the time to respond I know you are bussy, now I´m bussy fighting with a little bulldog that my mother just bought, it´s two months and she´s (called Tina as in Tina Turner…go figure that one out, my mom….) so I came to visit for the weekend since they where going to stay most of the days out and I said I would take care of the dog….I´m really regreting that decision. Could she stop bitting me and everything she sees?!!! Even the freaking wall she bites and she doesn´t leave me alone and since the computer is not my laptop it´s in the living room were this devil is living for now, man this is a work to make sure she doesn´t eat the whole house. How do women have children is what´s commng to mind

      2. Ha! well the name Tina is super fun – and I feel like I love your momma.

        and when our dogs were pups and biting so much – it really helped to limit the areas they had access to – we eventually put up gates and it helped so much. also – having a kennel was key. And of course chew toys and walks – and I bet you know all that with your experience – and your love for pets and people. but how fun o have a new pup to bring all that vitality – and I know it is work and effort – but woof woof –

      3. the funny thing is that you did the same as my mom, she actually has a gate in the freaking room so this Little devil doesn´t do whater she does, you good mama, you know

      4. well thanks CP1! and I have told you before – your mom and I have a lot in common – seriously with Rambo and all that! lol
        and that we both love you dear poet.
        I have missed checking in with you and had some email issues so I think my emails to you bounced. Nothing important, but will be glad when we connect – and gold we can connect via blog comments – even though sometimes I have had a hard time commenting on blogs too… argh!

      5. Well my mother she is human, so my guess if you too are a strong person but at the same time compassionate wich is rare those characteristics in one ( I think) then you are human 😉

        Forget about the mail, you can email me at an email wich is my private one
        will give it to you latter on, or today
        by the way I´m going to church and have my pastor, but now i´m high as the sky…..not good with my MAN GOD

      6. si senor – this we know – this we know! ha! and now off to bed I go – but sending you a blog high five and hope your puppy is doing well. 🙂 – one of our dogs has been feeling a little off this week – he has had excellent health for a decade and think it is his first flu. hmmmm

      7. thanks for saying that CP1 – and guess what – he passed away at 6 in the morning – riht after I left here! Isn’t that werid….
        anyhow, very sad and moving through the sludge of griving – because it was extra hard as it was so unexpected. But you know – you were on my mind (and so was diane G) because you lost your beloved dogs within this last year anbd she just lost her parents- and so in a way – comment sharing with the two of you before Cody died was almost a gift as it helped me be in that mode – does that make sense? and feeling the joy of your puppy was fun.
        super glad I went downstairs when I did – cos I was with him his final few hours – giving him water and we were getting ready to take him to vet cos we thought he had a poisoning or some kidney issue – but he passed away before 6 a.m.

        anyhow, – we know there are animals in heaven – and so our beloved dogs who have left this world are now smiffing fire hydrants of streets of gold – as they roam in God’s garden and have bliss – and one day we will see our pets again – I really beleive that.

        ttys CP1.

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