Time to go to work

When hardship strikes
i have no idea but i bring all my mights
a common phrase in the military, “time to go to work”
which now that part is quite stationary
but i do remember those type of words spoken in Spanish
so I wouldn´t vanish
time to go to work.

Stay Forsty gents and gentesses. Life is beautiful.



      1. I wish, my work is surviving right now. If I told you half of my life…. you are lucky so stay in school. Great writing I just read in your blog.

      2. The trees brown and the job stale 😛
        Just kidding.. I love it when people go offtrack :’D

      3. I can´t, I did write a post called I suffer from OCF or Obsessive Compulsive Flirt, not my fault. It´s a condition that has to be treated, problema is….no shrink wants to see me, i drive them nuts

      4. Your blog reflects your flirtatious attitude!
        A poem for you:-
        But let me get one thing straight
        You are flirting with someone half your age
        Cause you are thirty two and I’m sixteen
        The internet never shows the unseen..
        Jk.. I really liked your blog.. really 🙂

      5. 16 , you are? Then I´ll cut the silliness.
        And no, the blog does not reflect my flirtatiousness, it ranges from serious to the absurd, as well as the comments

      6. No I´m not out of words, the problema is the computer goes slow, so sometimes it takes her or him (computer) to get started and running when it does since sometimes it just falls down

      7. And by the way it was nothing all that bad, it´s actually written somewhere in the blog. And I´m sure you will make it, you do seem like a Young woman with quite a drive

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