Narcissists & Deception

And does happen to men, sadly, so get a pair of balls. I got mine now, and that was the end of the show

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

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    1. Indeed, like hitting you and since she is a girl I can´t do shit, if it was a guy I´ll take his head off. Forgot, also taking a knife at you, that one I did reduce her to the floor, and nothing violent, as I could have been, because….she is a girl, a bitch really

      1. Yes they do, and it doesn´t work with me now, but it did work at some point. More stupid than me you can´t be, thank goodness is done and over. Hoping this crazy doesn´t appear at the door of my home, home for now that is.

      2. Well it did work with me as well. I got myself doubting myself for almost 6 months before I was able to snap out of it and realise the patterns there

      3. And thank God you made the decision to snap out of it, it was hard. I had not met quite a good reader of person but using it for the wrong, hadn´t seen a more manipulative
        (Smart I should add) person than this girl, and crazy too. Crazy to the extreme that is

      4. Yes unfortunately they are extremely intelligent but use it for hurting others instead of healing others or even themselves like they ought to have done in the first place.

      5. Am glad you made it out of the situation but be very careful to make sure you have actually healed within you the process that draws them into your life. Else you will draw the same kind of person again to you

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