Freaking cell phone!! Rant

Foto 366

Anybody saw that, yes the cellphone
wich it could be called a nasty troll
Freaking cell phone has been giving me a hard time lately
and it was untimely
Well now the bastard has decided to got to sleep
so i can´t communicate with even a sheep
Great, and on Monday I have to go to court
hope they do not snort, me.
The freaking cell phone from the stone age
has lost his page, and went to sleep in some cage.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. And freaking cell phone went dead on me!!
Anybody can let me borrow theirs?



  1. I have my old iPhone 4 that doesn’t work – you could have that; it would give you options on which phone ‘not’ to use. Pop round and pick it up when you are nearby – we are always in (unless we are out) hope this helps. Grae:)

  2. Charly hope you didn’t mind me mentioning you in my video! Btw there was a photo (B an W) of a naked guy with giant err ‘you know’ on there, ANYWAYS I explained below for everyone WHY lol that’s picture’s there. I follow a poetess (love poetry me) and she always adds a picture…………..tho usually naked women!!!

      1. My introduction video to me making a chocolate cake, you know my last post, well your blog is referred to. Take a look lol quite interesting. Let me know what you think in a comment on the post?

      1. I´m bored…. by the way I did see the pictures of you and your husband ( I think it was you) a big muscular guy with blond hair, spiky, he is handsome, you have a good taste, and the Little ones if I remember correctly. You actually do make a cute couple, or married couple.
        But that get boring….

      2. LOL.. if you are bored than come and help me grade 😀 I have some essays for you. And I am never bored. 🙂

      3. I´m bored of writing, been all day at it. I want to go out and have fun, but no money so no hon.
        Although the reading what the teenagers say in the essays it should be quite interesting. What was the most interesting one? And do you have a favourite student? I know I was one of my teegers favourites, she did eventually….never mind, but I was good at English

      4. 🙂 You must start sketching then. 🙂 Draw something and let me see. Yes, the essays are interesting but not that great.. unfortunately.. I don’t have a favorite student. I like all of them 🙂

      5. Dream dream to I find my self ill in a bottle of my will…. love ya Mrs. Skittles.
        Hey, I´m not dreaming, I did have it with that teacher, not my fault, didn´t brag or nothing it just happened. And it seems it keeps happening….

      6. 😀 😀
        Meanwhile, I took a break from grading and finished a sketch. I will post it in a minute so you can “aaaaahh” and “ooohhh” 😀

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