Court is tommorow

Long story short, got out of the army became a homeless drunk
(and not because of the army, that was my decision) so late at night
a I tried to get into a liquor store, by the way I´m not a good thief,the
first time I did that, now paying the pipper wich is what it should be.
Imagine the guy that had to repair all the window shattered, this happened
over 5 years ago, but it does piss me off that it is this late that comes down
on me, but I screwed up pretty big, so time to pay the consequences. I don´t
think I´ll end up in jail, but just in case I want to say to you all: Thank you.

Here is a cool little poem I wrote, and probably will post more today, since
you never know.


Bet you look in the dance floor
That is your way to score-
You got me
Buzzing like a bee
Stinging me-
You look good in the dance floor
You never hit that door
You only hit the floor-

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Just in case I can´t read you, have a great Monday!


    1. I doubt it, but there is that possibility.
      Would piss me off, we don´t have computers there
      plus for me is a bitch, I have gone to worst places
      and I will say that, and you can believe that, and I will say it just to pump me up when I get there( wich I doubt but again just in case) It´s full of sharks and I can be the Great White Shark

      1. That is shit compared to the military, and I have been in the “big boys house” for 6 months for breaking a guy´s arm. This idiot was a doorman in a nightclub, he was a racist I was with a black person, he didn´t let her in so I jumped on him. I did get beat up pretty bad when his 3 other door men came to his help, and off to the hospital before I went to jail. So fuck them

    1. Thanks Laine, but no worries.I doubt they put me in jail, hopefully, but I really doubt it.
      So you are saying about the petition just to look good and so you can run for office, a politician…. 😉

      1. Lol! Far from it. It looks like the American run for president will be a boxing match between a bully and a liar. My pen and ink wouldn’t stand a chance ring 😉

      2. Feed the children? You nuts….. I´ll make a great food for myself, probably in Trump towers and then what is left I might feed the kids, plus education is more important even if they go to school with theri bellies not full, they will get full when they get an education….. Í´ m a humanitarian thats all

      1. Hopefully more good tan bad, working on it, and it is hard. But really at the end of the day I´m a good person, that is built on me, i do screw up though, but being a good person that is the truth and nobody can ´ take that away from me, since it is just me for bad and for worst

  1. I wish you the best of luck in court my friend. After all of this time, i hope that you will be shown leniency and not do any jail time because let’s face it…we all make mistakes.

    1. Thanks Dom, I don´t think I´ll get “inside”, but I did screw up and as I said, now you got to pay for the consequences, and I´m not one that runs from them. Hopefully the Judge will see something and I will see other things… writing,but after 5 + years, that is what pisses me off

    2. Here I am! good public defender by the way.
      So now me and my computer is going to stalk all you people, when time permits
      cause I can do “the cool stalker moves, with my grooves!”

  2. Good luck, Charly. I wouldn’t like you to end up in the slammer because you genuinely seem to accept the consequences of what you did. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    1. thank you, but i´m here and not in jail,latter we will see but not today or next months, so keep your fingers uncorssed, and thank you by the way, so here i am with my computer, wich was going to piss me off more if they took it away, listening to this….. maybe you like it

      1. Hopefully they don´t bring more stuff out when I was younger now that I´m older. They could bring other things that I did good, but seems that is not happening

  3. Awww. That’s sad. It’s nice to meet you, too, Charly. I’m Randy. I met you when I butt in to your conversation with Isolated Girl. I hope everything works out well for you. You’ve had some down times, and it would be nice to have some better ones. I hope you get them.

      1. you bet it is, i´m sitting in a room ( cold as hell I can add), but with my coputer. That would truly piss me off getting out of Reading blogs and writing my nutty things. So there goes my priorities….

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