Pain is temporary

Pain is temporary
that was kind of scary?
it may last for a minute, an hour or even a year
but unless you don´t get up off your rear…
it will last forever
you know this, and believe this screwer
what do you want to be?
just decide!
it is all in your mind
that you got to unwind
never point fingers here and there
for what you are not because of your own scare
cowards do that
wich they deserve a smack
remember pain is temporary
scary? sure, overcoming?
you bet that even when i´m snoring.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. and he got scared, imagine that. I guy that you think is blind walking with you (the other blind) and he suddenly tells you that? I would Yell bloody marry at the least

    1. It can´t or it can? It can I would say, it will always be there, is just a matter of how you handle it. So it can be eliminated or at least just take it down a couple of knotches

      1. Good, so the signal didn´t go haywire…sometimes happens
        Almost forgot, what about that college girl? Tell her I´m a hero and that I speak no only english and spanish but italian, french, and even muslim, so I can teach her to be a great teacher

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