Trents world!

I got my reasons to bombard you today with posts, if someone reads them
wich if they don´t the world( got it? as in Trents world…ha)
is not falling on top of me. I´m a free man
today, tomorrow we will see.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. It is all in the open, I don´t get ashamed of nothing, I´m actually shameless. Is all written in the blog.
        So here is the story, after I got out of the army I was a homeless drunk, so one night I robbed a liquor store, they caught me and since I didn´t have any priors they cut me loose. This happened 5 years ago, and now after a Little over 5 years( when my life is on the right path) I get the “card” that my trial is set for March 14, wich sucks since it is actually the birthday of my mother. On top of that, the freaking court is way way far from where I live, so tomorrow at 6 a.m gotta get up and present myself there. The public attorney that represents me says that the possibility of jail time is slim, but you can´t guarantee it, so maybe tomorrow I end up in the “big boys house”, hopefully not since I do want to give my mother a good birthday present that I already bought and have a meal with her.
        Why the fuck did they put that date? It could be later after I finished with my mothers birthday, can you give them and call and protest? Make a movement of “Free Carlos”

      2. OMG


        I m so sorry to know abt the pain u ve gone thru. I don’t know wat to say!

        Don’t lose Hope! U r a good man. Smiling alwz n making others smile!

        God blesses good people. I m sure abt Dat. Trust me!

        Dat was all the worse situations dat compelled and so so so.

        Don’t worry!

        Everything will b allryt. Yes!


      1. I´m sure am, and really all thanks to you people in wordpress wich got me to writing and Reading again. And that is my focus, I do screw up sometimes I have to say, but surely not as before, now they are small screw ups compared to before. I just try my best.

  1. awe gee, Charly… I’m so sorry to hear this has come up after all these years :-/
    Hope and pray everything turns out and the whole thing can finally be over!!!
    Keep frosty and keep smiling! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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