I´m free

hey you i did not wake up in jail
so here i am to say……
by the way
what a sexy woman was the judge today it all comes down to paying
just saying, to the man i broke the window
to get a glass of milk
the man, i wanted his cell phone or phone to say i was sorry
but i guess he wasn´t that worry
so i´m free
not in jail hanging by a tree
or knocking someone out oh he
I´m free!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesess.



    1. Holy makawolly, a burnette, sexy build since I saw her before she put the robe on, the black thing? well that, and i will tell you she was winking at at me when she asked the questions , not proud about it, but it does for some good writing

      1. If I had money I would, you know how much i spend in expenses to the State? Or the court…. and the idiots should be paying me, I did serve almost 5 years serving this stupid country

        I´m really actually waiting for you to come so you can tell me wich phone is better tan the other

      2. Good for me why?… I´m Spnish and a cool thief … look! 😉 Plus military,lets see if I find the post or posts I wrote that shiat, remember I´m a hero

    1. No you just lose an expensive tool, no comming to break me out, but i will tell you this public attorney was good. i actually think he got the judge in the …..well, bed.

    1. I know Mrs. Tink, but she really was a good looking lady, I had to actually look at the attorney to answer her questions since I was not paying attention about she was talking about (nothing good by the way) so I lookes quickly to my right and ther was the man, so when the attorney moved his head as saying “say yes” i said yes, hell, i´m sure the judge ater getting that black rob eoff she goes party with me. Plus she does want to see me next monday so that is good news

      1. Dear sweet and delightful Charly, I’m unable to contain my excitement over this quite simply splendid news. I’m holding up a cup of coffeemuckylattechinowotsitnot, in your honour, fine Sir and shall toast your news with a smile and a wink. I might even throw in a little jig, just for you, and because I can. x

      2. While that sounds terribly tempting…I do not drink. I had some licquorice instead. Will that do the trick? 2 sticks to be exact. I may however, pay the price for that tomorrow. We shall wait and see and hope. Perhaps I’ll stay close to the bathroom.

      3. Green tea is quite wonderful and I don’t mind a little dash myself, from time to time…and a snootch of honey drizzled across the top.

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