Tuesday… so smile !

Prompt by the great Mr Trent

So I´m not in jail 🙂
I don´t have money 🙂
The cell phone doesn´t work 🙂
The room I´m staying at is cold as hell 🙂
I have a computer wich not everyone can say that 🙂
I also just bought some smokes 🙂
But tomorrow I will see my mother, and that
is a freaking smile, get things resolved.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Love ya! And yes, focusing on my writing is key for me and my future. You´ll see a book from me this year, it is 2$ though, plus shipment wich is actually shipment is way much more, quite strange and funny. You eventually end up paying 16$ or something like that to get a book of 2$, doesn´t make any sense, and is no good for the writer also

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