Just the Spanish legion

Just pissed off, but good I have the computer to
expel that smell. People don´t know shit and don´t care
what it is.
So here goes my crazy poem:

The Spanish Legion
Was my religion
If you took away the weapon
We would put you a tampon
The Legion is pure adrenaline
Accomplish the mission
That was our decision
And that is war,
which you hopefully you will never know
seeing, doing, smelling, and
I´leave it at that, except for one more thing

” Por España y al que quiera defenderla
honrado muera y al traidor que la abandone
no tenga quien le perdone, ni en tierra santa cobijo
ni una cruz en sus despojos, ni las manos de un buen hijo
para cerrarle los hojos
por España

English translation, but not all since I don´t want
to spend all day in google translater, which sucks
by the way.

For Spain, and who wants to defend it
he would die honorably, and the traitor who vanish
there will no pardone

( I did remember some parts, was long time ago)

Forgot, now that I have internet I can see, strange
videos by the way, you can type anything out and something
will come out, so here is one of our crazy things
they are basically saying “don´t be a pussy or we will
kick you ass”, but I do remember that shit, and this
are 18 year old ” kids”, who might sound nuts, but
you did need us.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Strong feelings there Charly. You feeling better now that you got that off your chest? You should see the crazy political situation in Brazil right now. We’re facing the largest cases of corruption ever in the history of a democracy. Craaaazzzzzyyyyyy.

      1. Hahaha. I’m sure you would do much better than our current president. The whole country went to the street to do a public demonstration demanding impeachment.

      2. I arlready didthey did elect me, where are you at in Júpiter? See know how the world is changing, no mor global warming and the litte cute white bears are cool now

      3. Sometimes it does I guess, lying is part of life. But trying to be somebody else that you are not, and I have seen this as probably you too, and put so much effort on it, you might as well be who you really are.

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