I got a stalker!!

Yes mams and sirs, I got a stalker who serves.
Does piss me off when I have over 30 likes in less
than 2 minutes times. Man this guy, unfortunately
for my mentality it is a guy, well this guy must be a
damn fast reader for Reading over 30 post in a minute and
a half, pisses me off i might even give him a Little scratch.
I do read the post I hit like, or comment. There are many now,
but I try my best to have an overall understanding of what I´m
Reading not jus pass by and hit like with a strike.
Almost 40 likes with the same face of that dude, I might even
put his link up. I did tell him he was pissing me off hitting Like
like stupid and that i would hunt him down and take him out, ending
with punk, then I got a beer, listen to some music and got a message
from a female who´s a bit naughty….. Freaking stalker, stop you,
or I´m going to India and kick your stupid Little ass tomorrow after
i go back to court so they can give me a salute, and I don´t
stay mute and I don´t even have money to get there, life will spare

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. No not you Le Fragi, you hit like all you want. You are a good looking dude that´s why, but I don´t want to see that freaking face of that other dude over 30 times in a row

    1. He must be a real fan with a great amount of fast speed Reading, who is he?…..na, won´t say it, but if you take a look at the 30+ post starting from yesterday that face is probably one of the first you see, and that is scary!!!

      1. I just have to get there so they can give me a Little paper slip that has a bank account number so I can send the money to the guy I broke his window, at least I have 2 months to get that paid cause if not I´m going straight to the slammer

      1. Pmsl!!! So he wasn’t even a looker then, sigh, perhaps his aim is too scare away all the real poets with his stalkering tendencies, so he can have WP all to himself 🙂

      2. Lol my president, I don’t have a president I have a prime minister lol I agree tho what a bastard, bastard, bastarding bastard, once zip tied can I play with him on the trip to Gitmo? I’ve never had a play toy before and I can think of some great games to play 🙂

  1. I don’t understand why people hit like without reading. This has happened to me, not 30 in a row, but way more than someone could read. I don’t get it, do they think we don’t know?

    1. Seems so, is the answer to your question. I don´t pretend I read every single word, I got pretty good at fast since there are so many blogs and having an idea of what it is about that I´m Reading, but not just come across a blog and hit Like just for the sake of it

      1. Id never be able to move that fast. For a minute there, when I started reading the post, I thought is the stalker. But I seriously can’t read that quickly.

  2. Yeah, if it is a stalker, have the person bring me a large pepperoni pizza, with a large coke, while on the way to your house with the beer. I could use a pack of camels, kings, full flavor.

  3. Hey Charly!! Sometimes I will open several (like 10 or more) posts at a time, read them, and then go back & hit the like button on them on the main page, especially if I am not leaving a comment. Maybe that’s what this person did? Hope this finds you doing well 🙂

      1. HEY!! I was getting worried, when i did not hear back from you. I may not find my way to your online community often, but my friend, you must know that you have always been one of my absolute favorites. Never forget that. We discovered one another, when both of first started and you inspired me and I motivated you. Real talk. And do not forget, you are a part of The Neighborhood’s history, for your out of nowhere WIN of the 2014 Best Performance by a Blogger. Thanks for staying in touch my brother. I love how vibrant you have built your community

      2. As I said the comment went to the “pending” comments wich I rarely check, and was very glad to hear from you when I finally saw the comment.
        I hope we keep in touch, your a true artist and I can say, that I can consider a good online friend. Hope everthing goes great, wich it is as I see in your blog, keep the thing up, you´re a good guy Kendall.

  4. That’s very funny. How odd that he’s become fixated. Perhaps he’s like that with others. It’s good to know though that you don’t just simply hit like for no reason. I don’t like that either. What’s the point?

    1. With all the blogs I try to read in a day, I do try my best and make an effort to comprehend the overall meaning of what that person is trying to convey, or I look at how they write this part or that other part and the technique involved, e.t.c,
      I have gotten pretty good at doing this quickly that´s for sure, but just to hit LIKE one time after another just for the sake of it…. just bothers me, when I have more time I´ll read the person if not, sorry the day has so many hours and I can´t sit in front of the computer for 24 hours a day,

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