overwhelming your perception
of that function

is necessary
to get into that primary

Repetition Repetition Repetition
that is the sole condition
to achieve your mission

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. You want to improve something on you or for you or exploit your talent whatever it is, then is repetition repetition to master that talent,, no virture is developed in a vacum

    1. No if is what you want to pursue, did you got up one day and suddenly worte as good as you do? Doubt it, so is repetition and repetition of practicing of what you love and have passion for, whatever that might be

      1. I alway thought to myself that you have to know your limits, yet, in my life things that I thought where off my limits they became into my limits, so the blinds is kind of relative, depending on who you are that is, and also good to know who you are

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