From the heart

This comes out of my heart
I´m not all that smart
But I do have a good heart
If you cross me, and you being a man
You will not stand
But my heart goes out for you all
As I do not make myself small
To express
To be in some cases selfless
I can be street smart, book smart,
But I prefer to be a writing typing
Kind of sneaking in my bed and peeking into
The darkness….. was I wearing a dress?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Any man who wears a dress deserves respect. I mean, if they’re confident enough to do something like that then you know they’re not to be messed with! Love your poetry, sir!

    1. Thank you very much IG, but as I always tell people when they nominate me, for me the greatest nomination is that people would actually read my crazy Little things, I appreciate it very much that out of all the blogs out there you would think about this one

      1. Don´t cry, if you want to know about me just read the blog. I should put up like others nomination free blog on top. But I do really appreciate that you would nominate me.

      2. Good to know this one!



        U know, I nominated all serious guys out there, uff

        No ones gonna participate. i m sure : ((

        dont kno! Y poets are this way!

      3. I´m just lazy really, don´t want to answer questions and then think wich people to nominate, just pure laziness if you want to know the truth 😉

      1. I don’t get as much time as I use to to read these days but I always save yours for when I get a free moment. I’m in the car waiting for my son to finish his shift at work perfect opportunity to catch up on WordPress. Hope you are having a great day.

      2. There goes mom…. waiting for the son… that´s good. The “kid” has a job, he studies, and I bet he has a good momma to smack him if he goes off track

      3. Tell your son to get out of work, that momma is waiting and if he doesn´t want to go on a bus, (wich would be normal) get the hell out and tend to mommy, how old is this kid by the way? If is not much to ask that is

      4. You´re giving him everything, let him know what life is, as a matter of fact I think I should do an intervention, I´ll adopt him for a month or two so he can learn and then fly away by his own way,
        later I will ask him for money though

      5. I´ll get him to my favourite bar, where all the ” Friends” are, and have a nice chat with him, scare the bejesus out of him, tough love is my thing.
        You´re a softy….

      6. What is he planning to study in college?
        Just curious, don´t have to answer. And if he doesn´t plan to study, wich my guess is that you´re the one who is going to pay for that, just send him to the army 😉

      7. He wants to get into Health science so something like physiotherapist or exercise physiology or something like that it all depends if he gets good grades and to be honest he isn’t very good at studying. I’m scared of the army though what if he gets deployed?

      8. Hard to be a mother I guess, you know my story, I screwed up my scholarship, came back to Spain and then joine the Spanish Legion, didn´t have contact with my parents for quite a long time, now is a hole other story with my relationship with them (for the good).
        Point being, he is a man, and parents can only do their best to teach them or put them in a “right” path (wich the right pat is relative) and as you obviously see and know, he has his own personality,he has developed his own being and he will do what he wants to do, you may not like it, he might not be the greatest student in the world, as a matter of fact he even be a screw up in a lot of cases like we all have been, but the important thing as a parent is to support your kid. In my case, it did not happen until latter on so that is probably why I was quite reckless joining the army and worst aftert that, then again that recklessnes in that type of job was good.
        Now, point being again, just support the kid.

    1. Thank you, as a mater of fact I should read it myself since I already forgot about this one, but since I have not much time as of right now, I will hit the “follow” and read ya when I read ya, and love ya in the Shakespearean way that is to say

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