She/ Me


She was looking at at the T.V
Her eyes,
lost in space
Her soul,
made of charcoal
Her mind…. I couldn´t find so never mind!


I´m just there, or nor to care,
flipping out in my scuba with my scout
never got that thing to bring so i just sing
hi! My name is Charly the Grand Priest, damn i just added
one more name to my dedicated slip after i spit and then
i can do the riki riki and hiki hiki,
just having fun, ME nor SHE is a nun, but this one does
play it pretty cool…. but i did go to school.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. haha

        u r so funny!

        Wow! I know egyptian!

        Thanks! CT . I got to kno more abt myselves!

        by d way! how is easter goin? No idea. since we dont celebrate here ;p

      2. Full of processions is filled Spain, creepy by the way you see dudes that look like the KKK but in dressed in black chanting something strange to a Virgen…. my question, is she really a virgen?

      3. You pray if you want, if you don´t pray you just have fun in the procession, is just festivities, there are people who “live” it more than others and that´s it. No preassures, well, except to finish the drink….

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