Once…. Political corectness
gets on my nerves
Once…. Civil disobedience
i find some jokester a head deviance
Once…. I get called to react
I will give you a smack
then maybe a snack but i will not retract

So Hippies….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Charly, can you post this for me. I’ve been suspended and hopefully someone out there knows how to fix it. I’ve messaged WP, but they aren’t fast to answer or give a sh====t

    I tried to post this but it won’t save or let me, I’m suspended and can only “reply or comment” to other posts, at least I hope you can read all this.

    Apparently I reposted someone’s post and have been reported for stealing it? All I did was repost it, but I can’t open the post to see who the author is and can’t access the info I need to defend myself to the WP BOTS.

    THIS IS THE POST, I THINK. https://georgeforfun.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/open-sestina/ THAT triggered all this attention from WP. thanks to Debra from Tumblr that brought this to my attention. Can someone check the post and let me know who the author is and an original link to their work so I can explain that I had no intention of “stealing” their work…………… I probably won’t be able to reply through WP notifications

    email is georgeparker1950@hotmail.com

    twitter is@georgeforfun Tumblr is pleaseandfulfill.tumblr.com


    Thank you so much. Now you know why you can’t reach me and I can’t reach you after posting this. WP will probably remove all my posts and info, so I will try to create another account and see how that goes. Thank you all for you friendship and support over the past years




    1. Holy, that is some weird thing, stealing? You are just reblogging wich I think there is a button that says reblog,
      I´ll look at the links you gave me now, but as you know I´m not very savy at this internet-wordpress thing Works.
      Plus this comment ended up in “pending” comments, wich is unusual.

      1. Cause you didn´t look enough, open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind, open…..well I was gonna say some other thing but never minding, just listen to me
        “You are a good person, with a lot to give to the world and make people happy”. (That was me talking outloud)

      2. Why in the world do you get stuck in my “pending” comments…go figure, gonna sue wordpress.
        I will check it out, quite interesting really, a pain in the butt for you though

      3. The only thing I know is that one reads whatever he wants to read, if I get to a blog and I don´t like it I just get out, no likes or comments, for me those types, like one I had, only one in 2 + years of blogging that started saying pretty bad things about soldiers, saying we where brainwashed and more stupid things, I did got quite angry actually and called him every name in the book, then I realised this fucker is hidding behind a computer so eventually I will not get my hands on him, so I told myself to just ignore that guy. Just a pussy is what he is. Ignore them

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