House of pain

Here we go!

House of pain
That´s my name
Absolutely no dollars in the bank account
To hell
That way I can excel
My freaking bank account
Had a terrible disscout…the government probably ate a trout
House of pain
There is where I excel and will gain
If not, If things slow, I get on the low and ecstatic
So I need the erratic
Seems that when I live in the house of pain
I don´t quit I just excel in that shitty game.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Hmm, not really even sure what to say. Except, it really sucks. Sorry, I am being no help here! Dollars come and go don’t they, they’ll come around again. I hope 🙂 (okay, definitely no help at all)

      2. Don´t have to say nothing, just hit the “like” button and that was it. As for me, I´ll be good. Hey! I almost forgot, do you want to marry me? look! ❤

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