My own motivational Speech

* I did read and see these motivational speeches so I did take a word
here and there, but the rest of it is mine, you should buy
me a shrine, by the way, I do feel like that dime*

Success,each to his own can measure it in his
own way, but there will be stress.
Success is the:
“progressive realisation of a worthy goal”
and if you don´t fix it you will be a bitch
for the rest of your life,
Aristotle said, ” no virtue is developed in a vacuum ”
I added, “also in the lonely head bathroom”
don´t read about it (as I did with the blogs)
don´t talk about it
seems to me quite fictitious
cause i will be malicious
point being,
just go out there and fucking do it, actions
speak more than dumb writing reaction.

So that was my motivational speech after Reading
some thing in my hearing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. very good! liking very much your addition to Aristotle 🙂
    I always have the sneaking suspicion the more people talk about doing something, the less they will actually do it, as in ‘Hey, I talked about it, doesn’t that mean I did it already?’ Uhm, no…

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