is my norm,sometimes….
no, brainstorm it is my norm
when things get out of the norm
so you got it, or you don´t
in my case i do know me, and how i react
in different situations, i do act
hence it is what it is, you have it inside or you don´t
i guess, breed in you to later on
go feed, some brainstorm, since it is not the norm
when things go rough, i just react in the brainstorm…
i think i just bought a horn, weird.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Euphemism is a way of saying something else. Like saying a garbage man is a sanitation engineer. You have a tendency to catch me on things with double meaning. 😄

      1. Miss you too, I know from what you have told me it is hard, also pretty hard in my part of the world althought not as much as in your world. Love ya

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