My litte hurricane


There you are
like a star
you my little hurricane
i´ll give you that name
but hold it since you got
this one here DSCN2778
for you to hear
to stay in the clear
MOM RAMBO will make sure to keep you secure.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I can imagine me crawling into a fetal postion under a table, thank goodness I just drop by to see “her”(monster) for some hours, I think my mother actually takes better care to her than she did for me, and my poor father…. I feel for the man, he´s not what you can say a kid type of person or dogs for that matter, he actually locks himself in his room or workplace, and starts pounding at the computer, sort of like me!

    1. My mother takes better care to this monster than when I was a Little monster.
      She is like a kid, exploring everything, biting my shoes when I pass by to visit, what´s with the bitting of my shoes she has an obsession with my feet.

    1. Thank you, it´s a bulldog. I´m visiting now my parents house, and these dog is a freaking hurricane, she doesn´t stop bitting my feet and eating even the cement wall!! Not kidding, this one eats everything and anything.

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