My man!

I like this guy, no political correctness, although I
do understand he is a damn smart man when it gets to
American politics and how it functions. So, since I couldn´t
sleep tonigh, I ended up watching this guy, wich by they way
he was probably one of the people that got me in there, and
I have no regrets. But you got to love how the hippies(anchor)
…. whatever, each to his own. I love you all.
Please comment I would love, to hear you comments.
Gotta run, got to go work! Hate that part…. hahah



      1. Then you are one of those people that are good, you can do math, wich completely escapes me if I can count to 10 is a miracle, so what I´m trying to say you got both, you can do the math or science or phisic(have no spell check) and at the same time you are a great writer. Quite unusual.

      2. I did go to college, studied English with creative writing, but that lasted a year, the GPA went low, had no scholarship anymore, couldn´t pay for the college so came back to Spain, that was a lot of information….. I don t care. So yes Mam. They did give me, or I should say I worked my tail off to get a scholarship and then life took other turns as it should be

  1. If Rumsfeld had been President you might have had the Middle East nuked! Lol have to be careful what I say or I’ll lose my head! God bless Islam just in case.

    1. Islam, well my guess is it is Allah that bless those guys. I couldn´t care shit about politics or religión, we did a job and that was it. A job that strangely enough, wich is normal, for the rest of the poplulation is hard to understand why would someone would like that job, I could go on forever as to the “why”, but I´m just too lazy, and now by the way i should say ( I even write in rhyme… weird) going to your blog if I can see some great Brit cake, that or your ass one of the two

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