The art of killing

I never thought I would write this
Then I just took a piss, so since
I didn´t sleep a shit this night
I wrote and obviously reflected
on some things I eventually created
and doing it in rhyme form, wich is
quite the norm….
Each to his own, soldiers are people and
as people each of them are different,
for the most part, it was your job to do
that thing, the tabu bling bling- “kill”
wich to me didn´t affect me, as hard for people
in the civilian life could think and call me for a crazy
ass shrink, only affected the smell that´s about it.
You just focused, and knew that if you didn´t tickle
that trigger little Mr.Winkle you or your friends would end
up in the the nonsense. That for me eradicates all
the other moral aspects in a lot of respects, you choose
to do that job, and you have rifle in hand, so the other
do not stand if he wants to get in you, as a “who”
and make harm to your friends, so let him meet his last ends.

Stay Frosty gentes and gentesses.

P.S I thought the title was catchy, there is no art in it



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