The cigarette

Inhaling the smoke
Exhaling brings me a smile
I do not promote smoking
I just encourage it

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. No, I actually do know you if you can believe it, familly man and ….well I did check you out so Henry The Game I know what he on, my question is how in the world with the job you have you have time and energy to write fiction, wich is quite good I should say

      2. Thanks amigo!
        Here’s your answer:
        “My grandma and your grandma, sitting by the fire. My grandma told your grandma ‘I’m gonna set your flag on fire’.”

    1. I. know. That. I. am. Right.
      I´m smoking a cigarette now by the way….wich I should start stopping since it´s costing me too many dollars or euros a month, or you can pay for it if you don´t want me to stop smoking, you can be a huanitarian if you paid for my smokes

      1. Tell Henry what you need. Maybe he will make all your wishes come true….oooo! That reminds me of the time I met a real life genie! Not very nice them folk

    1. I´m tired of people looking at me ( not here in Spain, but I remember way back in the U.S I was actually standing in a line to catch the bus and a guy told me to stop smoking, I actually got mad at the guy, who is this guy to tell me to stop doing something legal and when there was a gust of wind every minute, the guy is not going to die because of my second hand smoke, he probably has more chance of dying from lightning hitting him than from second hand smoke)

      1. Yeah, a few months back my husband & I were at a restaurant sitting outside in the smoking section & some couple close to us got up & moved because the fan had blown my smoke in their direction. I immediately tried to rectify the situation, apologizing & the guy made some snide comment about people smoking during dinner, but he wasn’t going to let it ruin his dinner- I had a little buzz on, laughed & said great since this is a smoking section & agreed that I wasn’t going to let his rude behavior ruin my day or dinner either! They gave us the stink eye until they left …
        I try to be courteous to others, but I have my limits when it comes to rudeness …

      2. Well if it says “smoking section”, too bad for him, he shouldn´t have gone there if it bothered him that much, and if there wasn´t room inside tough luck, go to another restaurant that or you could walk around with one of those white masks the Chineese walk around with because of the pollution and just handed over to whomever says something about smoking

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