Idiot british

This is the type you want to hit



  1. Well speaking as an Englishman I have to tell you a lot of people over here think he’s a complete wanker! (You may have to google wanker 😀

    1. another time the wanker thing, but my first guess is not ver good, don´t have much time today to go through the blogs, tomorrow yes, so ye better teach mme how to make that pie

  2. (He got the sack as Editor of ‘The Daily Star’ because he got sold a fake story and ran with it and got caught out)

    1. Andrew, I will tell you this, I could care shit where a person comes from but he did get kicked out of CNN which tends to the left (socialism is called in spain) and this guy goes to the U.S to teach them lessons about firemarms….. come on, i may agree or not, but i do no go to a country and tell them how they should fuction ( stepping apart the army time that is). If I go to a country and making the money that guy had in cnn, i do understand the economics and “shock” value for his hiring, but seems it didn´t go well, if the channell cnn fires this idiot, that says a lot of things,no viewers, viewers mad, i could go on more, wich fuck me i´m already going, point being, not good a brit for the american audience in generl

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