There you go

I have too much time in my hands I think, I can write for
2-4 hours, and the rest of the day…I could do other
things wich really wouldn´t be good ones, I have my issues,
so I stay at home and eventually wind up seeing this.
3 quick things, I love how the idiot hippies are recording
this guy while they are not showing their face, second
I like how the old man tries to make him look good and all
sympathetic and asks the guy wich batallion he was in,
and have to love the response of the other one, wich is basically
I don´t give a shit where you were I was here in “X” batallion
or whatever you Americans call the specific units, and third
I hate these fuckers, being from Spain these hippies communist
I can´t tell you the times we got in fights with these idiots
just because of wearing the Spanish uniform, wich didnt
end up too good for them I should add. Fuck them,
Any comments plese call 911.


  1. Oh my… I think the Vet is right. The flag should never touch the ground. Very disrespectful to those who have fought and died for the Star Spangled Banner. Many don’t understand that Freedom is not free.

    1. I can tell you that vet is the real deal, the others are a bunch of cowards, specially when they are recording you on video a them themselves, at least two that I counted, are wearing something over their face, and I hate also that the idiot with the camera goes out and records the vet´s license plate, for what was that? If I was this guy, I wouldn´t just push the idiots, I would really knock them out

      1. I did notice them hiding. A-holes. People just don’t care anymore, then wonder why the world is in the chaos it is today. I’m not sure how I would have reacted, but verbally, it would not have been pretty.

      2. are you Reading my comments….damn, you people are…. hold on, marry me instead, I´m not a jealous person so you can also be with me,waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i can have two dudess, plus you look hot

      3. I will tell you something…….something
        and in a serious sense, you are hot, and whe i say hot it means that you are a person and a good writer, amongst other things i suppose

      4. yes mam, you got that part right, i do drink buy i´m a good “kid”, although I suffer from OFC(obsessive flirting disorder), waaaaaaaaaasap 😉
        damn i´m writing with a couple of beers, see I knew it you women have a 9 sense, you knew i was drunk……..+++++++ I can write, and not all that bad if i put my mind to it

      5. i’m not a woman, lmao (maybe the avatar threw you off; that’s ‘Legato Bluesummers’ from Trigun, ya know ^^ )

        you’re pretty good with words. but you don’t have to be a woman to tell when you’re drunk typing! 😆😆😆😆😆

      6. yeah, but then I need to change the username! Legato’s actually a pretty sadistic SOB from the ‘Trigun’ series (and emo, as you may see ^_^). Entertaining series if you’re into gunslinging shows and a mature storyline!

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