My definition of hero

I don´t believe in that word, people throw it out too many times,
people and I´m not talking only about military, people comes in
all shapes and forms. There is a place and time that you will be
put in a situation,and either you influence that situation of or you

The so called heroes are humans, wich I guess it means they are
imperfect, but at that exact moment they will react, that is there
or is not there.

Thinking about what I have seen and done, I have seen 18, 19 year old
“kids” (hate that word also) do extreme things because it was their
duty to do so. Or it was just how they felt they had to do that thing
at a particular time really putting their life on the line for others
that in quite a few instances they didn´t know the other guy or really
might actually not like the other guy, but it was their job to do, and
they did it.

Hero…. not talking about military right now, I had three instances in
my civilian world where I did things.
1- was a drunk (not me) passed out
in the sidewalk and people just passed by him as he was a piece of shit,
I just stopped, slapped him in the face, there was no response, I looked
into his eyes and they where the same eyes I had seen in other moments,
just unresponsive so I did CPR, mouth to mouth thing (wich was not pleasant)
called the ambulance and when they got there they took over. Funny thing, the
woman (quite hot really) of the ambulance asked me if he was my friend, I said
no and walked away.
2-A 16 year old girl gets out of the bar, drops to the floor and starts
vomiting on her, so she was swallowing her own vomit and obviously choking
so I saw that from the bench I was in about 20 meters in front ( I should add
that I was in the bench smoking a joint), so I see her Friends are just paralyzed
went there myself got her on one side and told the idiots around me to call an
ambulance (when I returned my joint had been smoked….bastards)

There is one more but I´m tired, it was an old lady.

So for me heroe, is just a word thrown, specially with the Americans
wich I love you by the way, but you do throw it a lot. So called heroes
comes in all shapes and forms as in humans, so point being,
when you see or you are in a hard situation you either do something about it
or you don´t. I don´t want to bring the topic to me but eventually did in
some form, if I could tell you about other guys….man, I could write
a whole novel, those guys I saw and know them, they are the real deal.

Just a simple thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. I agree, it does get used too loosely, in regards to ‘shit that Good People should do!’ Like they deserve a medal for being decent. Not exactly. Enough back-patting!

    1. agreed with only one exception, being decent as you said, it has consequence and quite a bunch of people can´t handle those consequences so there is a few percent of the population that can handle it

      1. Can’t handle the consequences of NOT being a douche? Yes, I guess I can see that. People want to hide in their little boxes. I’m still hoping the good, non-hero ones will win out!

      2. I still do not get that word, it´s simple, you get in certain situations and you act or you don ´t, and a lot of people won´t act wich is normal, but there are others that they will. Just human nature

  2. I think it is just a human responsibility. Those who do nothing when needed, they are something I don’t even have a name for.
    I think all we can do is thank humans like you for doing what was right.
    So, thank you.

  3. Makes me cringe when overpaid soccer players keep being referred to as ‘heroes’, all they do is kick a bag of wind round a grass field!

      1. It stopped raining for an hour yesterday. Raining again now though. This is “spring rain”. It will last until the “summer rain” comes in to replace it!

      2. Better put a brave face than too look defensless, although sometimes you feel defensless and you just can´t hide it, so I figured that if that is me in that specific situation so let it be, I´ll bounce back latter on

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