Devil in disguise


i sit typing in my parents computer, as the great son i am i came to take care of
their dog while their out,i should rewrite, the first sentence, i sit trying to write, suddenly:
The wrath of what it seems of a tiger starts biting my leg, her teeth sharp as razors, i cry in pain
she keeps going at it, I stop writing, I stop creating, i look down thinking of “what in the world?”
i see her, the little dog, i jump in horror, she is the devil, she then starts biting the sofa, she
goes on to bite the beautiful wooden oak table, and then she goes on to bite a freaking wall!!
i´m suppose to write but can´t,i have been hurt badly, my leg bleeding profusely and now
i´m limping around trying to catch this devil, so she won´t eat the whole house,
or swallow something….my head spins, i feel like committing suicide,
i think about how mothers can take care of children, what a heroes
those women are, but the devil is still biting at my bloody leg, sipping my blood, she is
the devil in disguise.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
P.S. Please pray for me so that when i can return to my place in one piece this Monday.


  1. Oh Charly you poor thing, Devil dogs come in all disguises, even cute little gorgeous disguises like that. Perhaps it’s a vampire dog, now it’s tasted your blood it will haunt you in your dreams 🙂

      1. Because I´m terrified of this little monster, and I´m quite sure that instead of a bulldog they gave my mother a gremlin, you should hear how she makes little weird growls and little barks, to me they sound more like the gremlins.

      2. I had heard there has been an increase in Gremlin attacks, apparently some back yard breeding, just remember, no lights, no water and no midnight feasts :-). How’s the bite on your leg today?

      3. ohhh, thats bad. if it helps i am a certified surgeon, i was certified by the university of internet lol I will happily come and cut that leg for you 🙂

      4. yeah, The departed works for me :)….am I allowed to talk throughout the film though? cos you should probably say now if im not allowed to talk 🙂

      5. No talking, that is a no no, I think we should stick to the dinner and then each to his own room watch whatever you want, cause I hate watching movies with other humans, it irritates me when they start saying “he is the bad guy, o no, maybe is that one…e.t.c” I´m a loner watcher of movies….unless I´m not really watching them and doing some other thing

      6. pmsl Charly, I hate watching movies i wanna watch with other people too, i usually save all the tv i wanna watch until my daughter is at school interruptions drive me crazy….we’ll watch the movie together, both of us in complete silence 🙂

      7. well no, apparently selling kids is illegal, but seeing as we are having dinner and movie under the guise of performing surgery on your infected leg, i suspect i could leave her behind seeing as it is ‘work related.’

      8. I probably wouldn´t be a good parent…is it ilegal to sell kids? Meaning we can make a profit if you sell them to some other couple that want to adopt, that would actually be a gesture or being a humanitarian

      9. That would be a very humanitarian gesture, but no, the government like to keep control over the selling of kids cos they make a lot of money from it, so any kid selling has to go through them and they do not pay you for it, you just hand your kid over for free.

      10. Well, you are a woman, so my guess is that you do have a domination plan for us…..just look at Maggie Thatcher.. you women…..gotta love ya, and hate ya also 😉
        But I was raised by a single mother so I can´t hate ya, most of you I should say, or I should say I don´t hate, I´m not a hatter!! I dislike that would be the Word, but since my experience being raised by one person a.k.a mother (fuck I´m drunk and is only 9:45 a.m here… long story but it was because of you women, or woman I should say) anyways my mother, she did pass one thing to me, never get fear in the way, i might be broke, i migh´t not know what the next month can bring to me, actually i might even not know what today might bring to me, but as she tought me, or i just picked it up as I grew up ( this weed is good) that i don´t know right now hold on i´m just typing without putting my fingers up from the key board so the point being, is ,
        just suck it up and be strong since life is not easy, i guess was my point.

        Hey, you know what this woman told me when I told her I was going to be deployed to afghanishit, she told me to bring her some sand from there to show it to her girlfriends……just mom.

        did i speak to much?

      11. Ha ha aren’t you the talker this morning 🙂 I like a man that can talk….sometimes. women do come prepacked with a bucket full of plans don’t they, I think it’s part of the awesomeness of being a woman :-).

  2. Is that a Boston…they are so unpredictable. I have a brown boston, so sweet and laid back , a male…my friend has a black and white weight female 12 pds and is Godzilla! Hang in there Charlie, don’t let herhim get the best of you! 🙂

    1. It´s a bulldog, and a her and she can´t stand still for a second. I´m hanging maybe today or tomorrow that I get back to my place, and probably will get back with PTSD

      1. Oh. I know what you ate going through. Holly ( that’s what my friend named this little demon dog of hers) drove me batty) Good luck Charly:)

  3. I hope you wouldn’t bite her in return!!!

    You’re are not supposed to get along. You are supposed make her want to be around you!!!
    Hard, isn’t it?

      1. It will,since I just see her for a couple a days if that much during the week, so…. I´m like the cool uncle that drops once in a while but doesn´t have all that much of responsibility, I´m not the one taking care of her day in day out, the pisses the shits and the rest

    1. You have to call a whole division of Marines to deal with this little monster, I was thinking of sending her to deal with those crazy ISIS guys in the middle east, she would be the secret weapon

  4. Where’s an exorcist when you need one? Good thing you can still say, “Stay frosty.” I like those parting words. Kinda like Dan Rather when he said, “Courage” at the end of his newscasts back in the day.

  5. Awww that little thing no way she looks adorable HAHAHA I am only kidding …I have a little dog and damn that dog can be mean so I hear ya ..try to stay in one piece. Oh yeah love the comment about mothers being hero’s …yes we are!!! 🙂

    1. o.k. so you are a woman, or girl, or chick…. yes, how in the world you do it is quite something for me, but you moms are héroes, the good moms since i was raised by a single mother so how in the hell she could up with me, and i turned out perfect

      1. Gotta warn you too, the dog could very well be expected to Goose Step in March time/tempo. See this can prove embarrassing because folks are already wondering what is up with dogs leading humans around to pick up after their feces. Some sort power struggle I assume.

  6. Sounds like it is time to use your good leg and punt that fur ball out of the stadium (house) just make sure to use steel toed shoes just in case it turns around and tries to remove your toes. When that doesn’t work, find a 12 gauge.

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