I´m confused

I got back to my place
lets all say grace
since i got in one piece
after spending two and a half days
with a little monster that doesn´t do her praise
she´s a bulldog, or devil dog…
now I´m sitting typing away at my own computer
reading quite a few of those bloggers buggers
and under my window since I live in a first floor
in the typical spanish old house
but is clean and there are no mouse
so as I walk out of the house
I have three bars pending to be aroused….by me
but, there is a black Dominican dude outside one bar
I can see it through my window, and obviously hear the
dude with a flute, and he is singing
Bob Dillan…..what the fuck?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. You can believe thaaaaaat 😉
        But I am a good person that I can also say, I may be a bit of a stupid mischief, but overall comapre me to other guys or girls also, I´m good, not perfect but compared to the ones I know Im pretty good, I will say that my fault is getting in fights, i do not care if he is 8 feet tall, once they cross me they are out, but that is my issue, wich i should avoid, but i am a good person, and you can even see it just through writing I thiink, and this was a long comment, by the way I´m drunk as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa skunck, but what i said it stands true, that you can believe

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